Tips for a Smooth Newborn Session


You've booked your newborn session and you're super excited! But what's next? Everybody wants those adorable, sleepy, deliciously-squishy poses of their brand new baby.  How do you do that?! 


Here are some tips that may help prepare you and your newest little one for their debut photo shoot! 


  • #1.  Relax! No really, your baby will feed off you and your vibe.  Try to come ready to sit back and relax, watch a little HGTV, drink some decaf coffee, put your feet up and I'll handle everything else!
  • #2.  Full babies are sleepy babies! If possible, try to feed baby right before you strap them in the car seat to come to my studio.  I find the car ride with a full tummy lulls them into a deep sleep.  Please leave them in their seat.  I will take them out in my really hot studio so they stay sleepy - there is an art to it - I have skilz :) Also, please be prepared to feed them during the session... a few times.  Whether you are nursing or bottle feeding, bring milk! Cluster feeding, if necessary, will keep them sleepy during our session.  I promise one 2 hour session will not mess with their schedule - because I'm Type A and all about the schedule!
  • #3. No Onsie! At least not when you bring them.  Please bring baby in an outfit that zips or snaps so I can undress them without pulling clothes over their head waking them up and making them hate me right away. I like to get off on the right foot :) 
  • #4.  Babies love to suck. So, if you feel comfortable, bring the pacifier the hospital gave you.  I won't use it unless baby needs it, and only for a few minutes at a time while posing.  Like the cluster feeding, using a pacifier for a few minutes during a short period shouldn't interfere with nursing, but always follow your pediatrician's advice and what you, their mom, knows is best! 
  • #5. Siblings are welcome and will be entertained! I have a table with crayons and coloring books, a large TV for educational videos (wink, wink), trains, and bristle blocks galore! If the educational videos aren't your kid's thing, bring their favorite movie - I have a DVD player you can use. Snacks are welcome, and I also have some provided, just please don't bring red punch and oreos - my carpet and their faces will thank you! I have bottled water and coffee for the adults as well :)
  • #6. Dress for a beach vacation! My studio is about 85 degrees to keep baby sleepy and happy so you will feel like you are on a tropical vacation!  I find a black or white tank top is best for pictures as most of my pictures of family and baby are close ups of hands holding baby and faces from the elbows up. feel free to wear a cardigan or long sleeve too, really I just want you comfortable.  The area where siblings are is much cooler, so they can dress normally. For sibling pictures, I love little boys with jeans and bare chest for rug pictures from above, otherwise solid neutral colors look best.  
  • #7. Bring as little or as much as you want for baby to wear. You literally can come with nothing and I have everything you need. For most of my newborn pictures, babies are naked with stretch wraps and a tie back headbands for girls.  I have blankets, baskets, boxes, rugs, etc. If you have something you want to incorporate, bring it with and I will do my best! Clothes on newborns never typically photograph well as they are swimming in them.  Plus, we want to document their wrinkles, toes, etc.  Don't worry if the umbilical cord hasn't fallen off.  I love that it shows how new they are!
  • #8. The Big "C" question! Circumcision. If your baby is circumcised, or you are planning to circumcise, please just plan the photo shoot around your baby's doctor appointment.  Getting pictures before the big C is always preferred, we can do pictures as early as you feel comfortable - 5 to 10 days is best. But if baby is newly circumcised, we should wait 3 days before pictures so the area is not tender if they are naked.
  • #9. What if my baby cries the whole session? Well, they don't call me the "Baby Whisperer" for nothing! I have photographed over a hundred newborns and have only needed to reschedule 1 time. I am very patient and good at soothing babies so they usually cave in and sleep eventually.  Rest assured, if we try for 3 hours and baby won't settle, I will gladly re-shoot.  My clients must always be thrilled with the outcome. Period.  
  • #10. Where do we go?  My studio is in the lower level of my home located at 13829 43rd Ln NE, Saint Michael, MN 55376.  I have a small kitchenette, restroom, couches, toys, and big screen TV to make your session comfortable for the whole family. 

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