What to Wear

Planning outfits for your session can be stressful - but it doesn't have to be!

Planning ahead helps! As soon as you book, go through your closets to see what you already have,

then add pieces you think you might want.  Here are some tips as you prepare:


  • #1. Think about your home decor.

Mickey Mouse may be your kiddos favorite right now, but you might want to skip the character shirts.  Think of colors you want to hang in your home and work backward from there. If your whole house is in grays, don't pick magenta or they'll never end up on your wall. Now, a beautiful gray and blush pink together and your golden!

  • #2. Don't shy away from pattern:

Just not a ton of it... I always pick one outfit or 2 that has a pattern and then add color blocks in the other outfits.  If one is strips, and one is plaid that works too.  


#3. Don't do matching Khakis with white tops: 

No really, I know it was a thing in the day to match, but white really doesn't photograph well.  Or solid black.  If you want a solid neutral, gray is a great option and this family did it well.

#4. Accessorize! 

Shoes that pop, a scarf with floral print, a chunky necklace? Yes Please! You can do neutral colors for your outfits and add color with accessories easily.  Then we can also take them off and on and change the look. Never a bad idea!



  • When in doubt, go to target

Not that you need to shop there, but one thing I can appreciate is they typically have color collections for kids that match.  You can shop for all the members of your family from collections you know will already go together.  If you're like me, I find my outfit first (because I find I'm picky and hard to dress) and then build my kids outfits around mine. With my family as an example below, I found my dress first, then pulled in the navy and maroon with my family's outfits.  Christian I gave some pattern but its muted by his solid shirt on top.




Hope that helps! Happy planning!